Women in Medicine Continue to Make Less Than Men in the Workplace

 Its 2019 and women in medicine continue to face gender-based obstacles in the workplace. According to a new report by CBS News, women make about 80 percent of what men earn in the workplace.  

Pediatricians make an average of $190,000 a year but a new study found women make $51,000 a year less than their male colleagues.  

Nearly half of women (46 percent) in the medical profession believe they are paid less than men, while most men (81 percent) believe pay levels are about the same. According to the report, women are correct: 46 percent of female physicians reported making less than $200,000, compared to just 28 percent of men.  

While women outpace men significantly at every level in education the average earnings of women still trail those of men. 

Overall women still earn 82 percent of what men do and the pay gap widens as women get older and enter their childbearing years.  Researchers found women are more likely to sacrifice their careers, taking time off to have and raise children.  

44News dug deeper into certain fields where women make a significant difference than men and found women who work as police officers make 71 percent of what their men counterparts make.  Bringing home $400 less than men every week. 

And despite common belief, male bartenders are bringing home almost $200 more than women a week. 

44News also found women and men who work in the fitness field also experience a greater pay gap.  Women are making 72.8 percent of what men make bringing home almost $150 less than men each week. 



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