Women Bond With Help of Facebook Group

It’s a new group taking social media by storm.

A group of women are coming together to give back to their community.

“This is just a shell,” says Pam Lewis, group organizer. “Inside we’re all still 35. We’re still young at heart.”

It’s a Facebook group quickly gaining popularity.

“It’s for us,” says Lewis. “It’s for us to feel like we’re still part of the community.”

It’s called Owensboro Women Living Socially, or OWLS for short and it’s solely aimed at women 50 and older.

“Everything we do, I mean I’m in awe of what we’re doing,” says Lewis.

For Lewis, she talked about moving to a senior community in Florida after feeling she didn’t have a place in the bluegrass.

But she kept asking herself one question.

“Once you get to a certain age it’s like, ‘now what do I do with my life?” says Lewis.

As a way to form friendships, she came up with OWLS and within a month and a half there are more than 2300 members.

The women bond over everything from bowling to crochet, finances, and evening being a support system for widows.

“I think this has been a way for a lot of women to break out of their shell that maybe they haven’t before,” says Vicki Edwards, group organizer.

While these women say it’s about having fun and enjoying each others company, they are doing much more by helping where they can in the community.

“I recently started volunteering at the River Park Center,” says Marlene Cox, group organizer. “I didn’t even know they had all the stuff going on during the day until I got into this group.”

The women collect items for local food pantry’s, raise money for St. Benedict’s Women and Family Services, Borrowed Hearts, and the local animal shelters.

“People are so busy they don’t take time out of their lives to go volunteer somewhere or help somebody that’s in need,” says Cox. “And we’re hoping other women younger than us will follow suit in getting involved and doing things with the community.”

For the young and young at heart, the women hope to be proof that no matter your age, you still have a purpose.

“I mean that warms our heart to know that they are actually getting out; feeling important again,” says Cox.



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