Animal Hoarder Plans to Open Nonprofit Dog Sanctuary

A Vanderburgh County woman who pled guilty to animal cruelty is set to be off of probation and has plans to start an animal operation.

According to documents from the IRS, Martha Crosley has been approved to operate “Forever Home” as a nonprofit.

Crosley previously ran a rescue under the name of Wise Hearts in the 9400 Block of Hillview Dr. In February 2017, 68 dogs were seized from Crosley.

At the time, Crosley told authorities she was trying to start an animal sanctuary but it got out of her control. She was sentenced to a term of 18 months where she could not acquire any new dogs.

The case sparked outrage among animal activists and even prompted a civil lawsuit. Crosley is set to be released from the terms of her probation January 21st.



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