Witness Claims ARM Investigator Encouraged Abuse Against Calves

The video showing calves getting abused at Fair Oaks Farm in Newton County made not be what it seems.

According to the New County Prosecutor’s Office, a third party witness claims that the Animal Recovery Mission employee that captured the abuse encouraged or coerced the behavior depicted in the portions of the video.

Prosecutors say detectives are investigating these claims.

44News reported on this story two weeks ago when a disturbing video showing abuse against calves was released by ARM. The video captures calves being thrown, kicked, stabbed, beaten and burned by the four employees.

Three of those employees are facing animal abuse charges. One of the suspects, identified as 36-year-old Edgar Gardozo-Vasquez, was arrested on Tuesday.

ARM released a statement amid the allegations made against them:

The statement sent out by the Newton County’s Prosecutors Office that an ARM Investigator coerced or encouraged the abuse of innocent animals at Fair Oaks Farms, couldn’t be further from the truth. The Newton County Sheriff’s and Prosecutors Office has yet to reach out to Animal Recovery Mission’s main witness in this case for any additional statement. For prosecutors to release such an unfounded and bogus information that is part of an open and ongoing criminal case, is not only unprofessional, but irresponsible, as it could have a negative effect on this very important criminal case. It is apparent that this prosecutor is attempting to divert public attention away from Fair Oaks Farms and Mike McCloskey in order to create doubt on a professionally put together investigation into Newton County. Once again, the Animal Recovery Mission is reaching out to both the Sheriff’s and Prosecutors Office to give our first formal statements.

Fair Oaks issued this statement:

Law enforcement’s investigation will follow its own course. We continue to focus and make every effort to ensure the safety and welfare of our animals so this never happens again. For further information on the progress of our commitments, visit

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