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Winning the Battle Against the Fall Bulge

As the weather gets cooler, our bodies begin craving comfort foods, which are often higher in calories and fat than the lighter summer foods we’ve been eating.

Avoiding weight gain during the fall months is a challenge, but one place in Evansville says it is possible with a little planning…

Fall weather means we’re wearing boots and layers, but it also signals the start of the battle of the bulge.

How do you avoid your favorite comfort foods like meatloaf, chili and pizza?

You don’t.

It’s not about what you eat, it’s about how you eat.

Some of the easiest things are trying to find ways to make options that are more healthy: substituting some of the whole foods instead of the canned foods, eliminating some of your salt.
You can also look at other things such as radishes, they work great as…consider them like small potatoes.
Looking for those lower-carb/lower-fat items will definitely help you through the ‘Bulge Season’.

With just a few revisions, your can still enjoy your favorite fall foods…guilt free.

The thing to do when revising recipes is always look for the lower-fat option, or the healthier option.
So, if it’s calling for say ground chuck or ground beef, maybe look to ground turkey; it’s going to have a lot less fat in it and be healthier for you.
Same situation if you’re looking for bacon, they make turkey bacon!
You know, there are a lot of ways that you can substitute those different types of meats in those recipes, the same way that you can substitute fresh vegetables instead of always having to buy the canned versions that have salt in them, or even the frozen version.

Who says healthy has to taste healthy?

This looks super creamy, and smells absolutely delicious, and it’s supposed to be good for you too?

I don’t know if I trust that…

The Chicken Chili Soup has amazing texture and flavor!

You get all the fall flavors that you expect from chili, and the nice kick of heat and spice, but this won’t go straight to your waistline.

Avoiding weight gain during the fall months is a challenge, but it is possible with a little planning…and while you’ll win the battle of the bulge, you won’t sacrifice the warm feeling of comfort food in your belly.

Here’s a link to The Chicken Chili Soup, so you can make it yourself!

Find more recipes here.

If you need more ways to avoid that fall weight gain, especially as Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and if you’re a parent — you’re probably going to be confiscating (and eating) a lot of candy soon…here’s a link to some experts.

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