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Why Whiskey?

Whiskey is enjoying a new trending turn — with unique flavors and finishes being explored by distilleries each year — and consumers following the trend familiarizing their palate with the bold rye or softer wheated bourbons.

One event is perfect for those chasing the movement…whether they’re a whiskey novice or bourbon expert.

Why whiskey?

I mean, whiskey has always been around, but it’s gotten more and more popular the last few years.
Part of it is the education, part of it is people learning more and more on social media and getting excited about Bourbon; so many new craft distilleries, so many distilleries that have been around for a long time are doing new types of products.
Bourbon hit a real slump in the ’80’s-’90’s, and then about 15 years ago or so it really started picking back up.
It’s delicious!
It’s great by itself, it’s great with a cocktail.

Over the past few years, the number of whiskey varieties has exploded — presenting sippers with a ton of options.

Part of why I started the ‘Why Whiskey’ educational series was to allow consumers, and establishments across the country to taste whiskey, different types of whiskey side-by-side; so that way if I try a Rye today and a Bourbon tomorrow, I can compare them in my mind.
But if I actually sit in one tasting and try different brands of whiskeys, different types of whiskeys, I’ll really know what I like the best.
We’re going to try a Rye, we’re going to try a Bourbon, we’re going to try some bourbon that has been finished in wine barrels, we’re going to try a very old Bourbon, Japanese Whiskey…
We’re going to taste a lot of Whiskeys side-by-side and see what it is that you really like.
If you like them all, that’s wonderful!

The sheer amount of types of whiskey can be mind-boggling, which is why tasting and educational events have become so popular.

We’re all together, though I am teaching, I’m also learning…I’m learning your palate.
We’re collectively, as a group, learning what we like and we’re all saying, ‘Hey, you know, what do you get in this whiskey? This is what I get, what do you get?’, there’s no wrong answers.
So, we can have that conversation around several great whiskeys, like we will at Mo’s House on Wednesday.
We can really understand what it is that makes Bourbon so popular…and Whiskey so popular…to really give the answer to the question, ‘Why Whiskey?’

Smell, sip and learn the answer to “Why whiskey”…why not?!

The “Why Whiskey Tasting with Tom Fischer” tasting is this Wednesday night at Mo’s House…you’ll taste 5 premium whiskeys and bourbon selections and get an education — for example, there is a big difference between whiskey, single barrel, blended, bourbon and scotch…early bird tickets are available today and tomorrow.

You know I’ll be there, come clink glasses and cheers with me!

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