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What’s in for Spring Fashion?

We’re stuck indoors, no events, no sports, but one thing that makes everything better?

Retail therapy.

And while the city has ground to a screeching halt, the one thing we can still do is — shop!!

The weather is getting warmer, and that means that pretty, spring fashions are on their way.

We’ve got what to be looking for when you’re shopping for new wardrobe pieces.

As the weather warms up and we ditch the coats and put away the boots, local stores are stocking the shelves (and their websites) with spring fashions!

Spring is just about here, and it’s all about flowing and comfort.

Those that follow the trends say that super flared jeans…

We’ve had so many people come in looking for them! We have anywhere from a small boot cut to the full bell-bottom that’s one of our biggest, most popular items.

…and flowing dresses…

The Duster is perfect for an early morning when it’s cool, or early evening when it’s cool, for a walk on the Ohio River.

…are going to be big hits, and red is the new black!

Jumpsuits aren’t going anywhere, they’re back this spring in lighter colors and fabrics.

We’re seeing a lot of cropped jumpers, like the 3/4 length, which are really great if you’re a shorter girl, like me because I’m only 5’2, but even the taller girls look absolutely amazing; they hit right at the ankle.

And you can never go wrong with a sweet, brightly colored top or lacy, free-flowing tunic.

A lot of what we’re seeing with our tops are the flowy, fluttery type sleeves, things with ruffles down them, anything with lace is beautiful!
Print wise?
Print is in this year!
Print is huge this year, so anything that’s snakeskin, camo like what I have on here, even Cheetah and Leopard type prints are really big this year.
Don’t be afraid to play with prints and mix and match!

And the distressed jean is back in such a big way that you’ll find the look on shorts too!

Flowing, loose fitted pants are all the rage, especially when they feature cute accents.

They’re comfortable…I tell you what, you put those on, it’s like you can’t even feel the fabric; they’re so comfortable, lightweight, and a lot of them even have liners in them for those of us who are more modest than some.

When shopping this spring, choose bold patterns paired with a softer, simpler monochrome — or go classic with a sophisticated sweater and slacks.

Be comfortable and go with the flow this spring as you shop the latest trends, and remember that good hygiene is always in fashion.

If you’re practicing “social distancing”, thank goodness that most of our local shops have great websites, so you can shop from home.

Some of them, like District 7 even have a “comment sold” policy, so all you have to do is say that you want something and you receive an invoice!

Keep in mind that as comfy as your pajamas feel while we’re under quarantine, that’s what you’re looking for as far as fashion this spring.



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