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What to Watch This Month

The weekend approaches, and it’s a busy one…but if you’re worn out and need to hide out, I feel you…and I’ve got you.

The movies are not going to work for you this weekend, unless you’re a fan of the obscure.

Your choices are “Stuber”, the tale of a detective who recruits his Uber driver into an unexpected night of adventure.

Chicaco Tribune had this to say about the flick, “There is absolutely no reason to catch a ride with the nasty, brutish and shrill ‘Stuber,'”…and that it was “deeply unfunny”.

Not a resounding endorsement.

For horror fans, “Crawl” opens this weekend.

In this gore-fest, a woman and her father become trapped in a house by quickly encroaching floodwaters…and alligators!

Movieweb says, “…for those who don’t mind a lot of blood and heart-pounding thrills, this may be the sleeper of the summer.”

And Netflix is no better…

Seems they spent their best effort when they dropped an epic amount of content on the first of the month.

But…Hulu to the rescue!

“Harlots”, the female-led Hulu Original period drama about 2 competing brothels is returning for season 3!

Not gonna lie…I’ve been religiously checking my Watch List for this one to come back.

In this season, the madams will have to compete with pimps, who bring their own brand of ruthlessness, and you can expect this installment to be as riveting as the past seasons.

There will be 8 episodes this season, and they’ll drop on Wednesdays.

And with Handmaid’s Tale out on the same day on Hulu, adding season 3 of harlots to your list, your binge-watch day is now set!

Did I mention that Liv Tyler is part of the cast?

And if that’s not enough, Rotten Tomatoes gave season one a 94%, and season two an unheard of 100%.

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