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Wet or Wonderful Thanksgiving?

The holiday season is upon the Tri-State! While many are looking forward to the shorten work and school week the extended time off unfortunately comes with the caveat of showers and thunderstorms. In fact, our next round of showers will begin as soon as Tuesday morning. Light rainfall will move into our western Illinois counties and eventually roll across the Wabash River into the Evansville metro by 8 AM. As we progress into in the afternoon hours we could experience clusters of heavy rainfall and possibly thunderstorms. Currently there is no significant chance of severe weather. However, a few of the storms that do develop during the late-afternoon and evening could generate heavy downpours and lightning.

Tuesday appears to be damp all through out the day. In addition to the rainfall, winds will be a secondary component to the forecast. Winds out of the southwest will begin to pick up through Monday night. Throughout the day on Tuesday, winds will be sustain 20-30 MPH. As our next cold front swings closer winds will intensify even more gusting between 30-40 MPH by late night Tuesday into early Wednesday morning.

Its not all doom and gloom for your holiday break. Skies will begin to clear by Wednesday morning. If you are looking to hit the road for the holiday, dry conditions will be well-felt not only here in the Tri-State, in all directions within 500-mile radius.

The dry weather continues for most of Thursday. Although, by Thanksgiving afternoon some of our far southwestern counties could see some light showers due to another low-pressure system moving out of the Southern Plains and pluming more gulf moisture in our direction. It should not be a washout by any means but overcast conditions will dominate the forecast for the second half of your Turkey day.

In the span of the next seven days we will experience a dynamic swing in temperatures that will range as high as the lower-6os and dip as low as the upper-20s. Outside of the significant shower and storm threat on Tuesday the next thunderstorm chance will be Saturday. Those storms will be associated with much more potent cold front that will limit afternoon high temperatures only into the upper-30s by Monday.



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