West Side Nut Clubbers Set Sight on Next Project

Each year the West Side Nut Club picks a spring project and this year it’s the area in front of the Mesker Amphitheater.

WEVV got a glimpse at the progress and what the Nut Clubbers are planning to do.

The West Side Nut Club is giving the area outside the Mesker Amphitheater a little makeover so it’s safer and more enjoyable for the whole community.

“They saw a space, they saw something that needed to be done, and are getting it done and that crew, the West Side Nut Club they get it done,” said Eric Beck, Mesker Park Zoo and Botanic Garden Executive Director.

The West Side Nut Club rehabbed the shelter house as a past spring project, but now they’re focusing on the area outside the Mesker Amphitheater.

“And so really this is king of the next step in that project by actually making those bathrooms that were right inside the amphitheater perimeter accessible to the public,” said Beck.

“Til I started working on this thing I didn’t realize the real need,” said Tim Mitsdaffer, West Side Nut Club member. “Sometimes on Fridays there may be 25 school buses there and lots and lots of kids go over there and they visit the zoo and go across the street and have lunch, and there’s really no bathroom facility.

Although the main goal is to make that bathroom available to everyone, it’s only one part of the project.

“We are actually cleaning up the facade of the amphitheater, making it a little less of an eye sore,” Mitsdaffer. “We’re trimming trees, we’re moving back fence rows, doing some landscaping. We’re going to paint this tunnel that runs underneath the road we’re painting that thing.”

They’re also making it a safer place for everyone.

“It’s going to be very well lit,” said Mitsdaffer. “We’ve got new lights we’re putting right here, and another one over by the bus stop so this is going to be a very well lit area, and there’s a new light we put on the other side of this too so it should be very safe and secure.”

And Although the Mesker Amphitheater is still closed, cleaning up the outside area is still a win for everyone.

“It’s going to add that curb side appeal for our zoo guests, for the Helfrich Golf Course, visitors and everyone in between,” said Beck.

Nut Clubbers have been working on the project for weeks getting ready for this Saturday with about 100 people coming out that morning to help with the finishing touches.



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