West Side Nut Club Takes on Spring Project

Proceeds from the West Side Nut Club’s Fall Festival are being put back into the community this spring. Dozens of nut club members will spend the day cleaning up the area in front of Mesker Amphitheatre.

The Westside Nut Club will also be relocating and replacing some of the fencing Mesker Park Dr. in order to allow public access to the restroom facility that previously sat inside the locked fence. The Nut Club will renovate the restroom adding sidewalks, landscaping, benches, etc.

The cleanup and restoration efforts are all part of the Nut Club’s Spring Project. May 18th will be the final push for competition. There will be large amounts of Nut Clubbers there beginning at 7 a.m.

Additionally, Nut Clubbers will be cleaning up the tunnel that runs under Mesker Park Dr.



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