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Ways to Save: Vectren Home Energy Assessment

Second to a mortgage for many homeowners the power bill is the next greatest expense. The average American household shells out about 14-hundred dollars a year in energy related expenses but many families spend much more to heat and cool their homes.

That’s why providers like Vectren have programs to help you figure out where you can cut back and start saving. Vectren offers its home energy assessment free to customers. The assessment is essentially a room by room energy audit of your home, “Saving energy is the way they can lower their bill and people like to have control over their bill and we want to give them ways to do that,” said Natalie Hedde, Vectren’s Director of Corporate Communications.

Knowledge is power and when it comes to energy unnecessary use is often the culprit of costly bills. It’s one of the reasons Vectren has teamed up with Evansville based — J.E. Shekell to educate customers through its home energy assessment program, “What each customer finds is opportunities to save energy are going to be very different and then they can have control over what they choose or not, to participate in a way to save energy which then lowers the bill,” said Hedde.

To qualify, your home must be at least 5 years old, you must be a Vectren customer and you cannot have had an audit within the past two years.

If you meet the criteria, chances are you’ll meet Dale Loscher. He’s J.E.’s home audit expert, the guy who walks through your house identifying areas where energy and ultimately money is escaping. He also puts measures in place to lower your energy bill, “I don’t take anything out of your home, so everything I bring in is yours,” said Loscher.

Yours and at no cost. From 30 LED light bulbs, to a new Honeywell home thermostat with an app. Vectren with the help of J.E. Shekell is supplying customers with little changes that can add up to big savings. Lowering your electric bill can be as simple as changing light bulbs. Old incandescent bulbs actually put off heat and for your bill its a double edged sword, “You’re paying extra money as opposed to having an LED bulb so it’s using more electricity there but it’s also putting units of heat into your house,” said Loscher.

Those units of heat means your AC has to work harder to keep your house cool and you guessed it, that means more money. As part of the program — Vectren also offers customers rebates on many services that might be needed. For an AC tune up,  a $25 rebate and there are rebates on everything from home insulation to a new pool heater.

Inside your home there are many ways to lower your energy bill, when doing laundry choose cold water also don’t run the wash until it’s full, it’s going to use the same amount of energy. Turn off the lights when you leave a room and unplug devices you’re not using.

There are two schools when it comes to energy, efficiency and conservation and the assessment is really a tool for the customers to learn about their home and how to save, “Our hope is that they keep in place all the efficiency measures that we put in place so if we come in and Shekell installs a faucet aerator we want you to keep the faucet aerator on, or the expectation to save energy and then lower your bill is kind of for not if you remove the measures installed,” said Hedde.

If you would like to sign up for Vectren’s no-cost home energy assessment click here. For more information on ways you can save on your home energy bill click here.



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