Ways To Save

Ways to Save: Earning Extra Income With Side Hustles

You can call it a side job, part time work or the cool kids call them side hustles. No matter what you call it more and more Americans are picking up extra work to pad their bank accounts or just to make ends meet. According to Bankrate.com more than 37 percent of Americans work a second job.

On average, they’re earning an extra 700 dollars a month. So how can you tap into making some extra money? We spoke with a few gig-economists to see how they’re putting money in their pockets.

“When we get a sale it sounds like an old fashion cash register, ” said Barbara Grant. Cha-ching! It’s the sound of making money on Etsy. Barbara Grant works for the EVSC throughout the school year but during summer she stays busy.

Grant’s gig is making beautiful one of a kind wreaths. Her side hustle is now a family affair and saving is the name of the game. Grant tries to pass on savings on to her customers by saving money on materials, “I try to use a lot of coupons. I take my husband with me, if a store only allows you to use one coupon he will make stops with me. He calls himself the procurement director so since he’s enjoying spending the money, he has to do a little work too.”

Grant sells her wreaths on Etsy and in 20-18 her procurement director, aka husband, shipped more than 100 wreaths at about $40 a pop. The math adds up to more than $4,000 in 2018 alone, “It puts a little money in my pocket and helps me pay for my kids college, my son just finished with UE…and Christmas money, things like that. I’m an empty nester now so it help fill that time also.”

For many people side hustles come down to hobbies finding something you enjoy like making one of a kind wreaths or growing fresh produce and then turning that product or service into cash. Fresh veggies are the cash crop for Jessie Larkins and his wife.

The retired couple farms 20 acres in Owensville, Indiana. On Wednesdays you can find the Larkins’ at the Evansville Farmers Market, “We sell maybe $300-$400 in a day down here,” said Larkins.

Their side hustle is a labor of love that provides for both them and others, “We don’t get rich doing it. We have income rather than this but we make a little money and I enjoy meeting people, ” said Larkins.

I asked him what he would be doing if he weren’t selling produce, “Going nuts probably, because you can’t watch TV. I’m 79 years old and you can’t sit around watching TV.”

Side Hustles can be anything from babysitting to, walking dogs with companies like Wag and Rover. Many people are also turning to rise-sharing apps like Lyft or Uber to make some extra money. Side hustles can be extremely rewarding and it’s really about finding what’s right for you.



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