Ways To Save

Ways to Save: Cash in on Recycling Retail

Chances are we all have things lying around the house or apartment that can easily be traded for cash. Taking those items you’re no longer using can be a great way to put some money in your pocket, that’s why were showing you a handful of stores where you can cash in, shop and save.

If you’re looking to score a deal you might want to avoid Eastland Mall and look across Green River Road to save some green. Style Encore, Once Upon a Child, Plato’s Closet and Super Mega Replay are all businesses that back a model of recycling.

Style Encore caters to women of all ages, opening its doors 5 years ago — in Evansville, “All the items in our store are locally not grown but locally sold to us by local customers. We pay them cash for the items they bring in and then we sell it,” said store manager Cari Brooks.

The model is simple, the store takes gently used items, prices them through automated computer system — you’re then offered cash on the spot for what they can take – or store credit. Items are priced based on brand and condition and no matter your price point, shop or sell — you’re likely to make or save some money.

Once Upon a Child also has a similar business model for parents or caregivers looking to save, “All of our inventory besides our new product comes from the community which I think is great you know, buy it here have your kids wear it once they outgrow it then sell it back to us.”

Kelcey Hellberg has been managing the store for the past year and says with kids growing and changing sizes so fast, buying regular priced clothing can be a waste of money. While the season just changed to fall, Once Upon a Child accepts everything pretty much always, “Strollers, bouncers, bassinets, cribs, and shoes, boots, sandals…all year round, I mean we are all seasons, all sizes, all the time here so we take it whenever you bring it pretty much,” said Hellberg.

Once Upon a Child has clothes for infants all the way up to teenagers. Teens can also shop at Plato’s Closet for discounted gently used clothing.

Super Mega Replay is another store that offers cash on the spot for items like books, movies, bluerays dvd’s and other home electronics. Cheers to getting rid of your junk!



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