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Ways to Save: Buying a New Car

95 percent of American households still have at least one vehicle and buying a car is something many people have to do as a part of growing up. Next to buying a home, purchasing a car is one of the most important financial decisions to make.

The process can be stressful but buyers can do a lot to make sure they’re getting the best price. That’s why we’re talking ways to save money if you’re in the market for a new car.

The options when it comes to buying a new car are endless, from new to used even certified pre-owned, part of buying a new car is finding what’s right for you and more importantly what fits your budget. Evansville Kia owner Doug Duell says having a plan when you go to buy a new car is key to keeping money in your pocket, “We got some used cars that cost more than our new cars and then we have some cars that are budget friendly.”

The first thing to consider when buying a car is your budget and Duell tells buyers to do their research most which can be done online. Duell showed us several budget friendly cars on his Kia lot, several that were not Kia’s, “They can certainly come to a Kia dealership and buy this pre-owned Ford…because they’re all priced on the internet so you can shop that car at other car dealerships,” said Duell.

Shopping around and comparing prices is one way to make sure you’re getting the most for your money. Duell also says knowing what you want and need is huge because you pay for it, “For instance things like navigation, large panoramic sunroofs, big engines, big powerful engines,” those are all options that can be cut out to considerably cut the cost of buying a car.

Test driving is also a must, “Every car is a little bit different and you may think you like a car from what you see on the outside but when you actually get inside the car it’s not for you and you end up getting something else,” said Duell.

If you do have a trade in, do yourself a favor and don’t talk about it until the end of the buying process. The two should be negotiated separately, start with the purchase price of your car first, then talk the value of your trade. This will ensure you get the best price to buy and the most for your trade-in.



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