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Warmer With a Side of Rainfall

Good Evening,

Goodness gracious, what a day! Another crystal clear afternoon throughout the Tri-State and this time we had a weak southerly wind flow to boot. That combination drove temperatures to their highest point since Sunday afternoon; we topped out in Evansville at 59° earlier today.

The clear, warm weather was the result of a combination of a couple of factors; first off, higher pressure continues to dominate the eastern half of the country, keeping the skies clear and the temperatures cooler-than-average. On the other hand, lower pressure to our west has helped generate a weak southerly wind flow for a good portion of the Midwest, helping drive temperatures across the Tri-State back into the upper 50s and low 60s this afternoon. Believe it or not though, we’re expected to get even warmer.

Southerly winds gusting as high as 25 mph will drive temperatures across the Tri-State to their highest point in two weeks (we’ll reach 69° in the River City), but it comes at a price. Tomorrow’s abnormally warm weather will be accompanied by increasing cloud cover throughout the morning and afternoon before scattered rainfall reaches our westernmost counties tomorrow evening.

Current model data suggests that the first of the rainfall will arrive in our western reaches just before 10:00 P.M. Thursday evening. From there, the Tri-State will see sporadic and scattered rainfall through Friday morning and afternoon before a brief break arrives Friday evening. That break is only expected to last into Saturday morning as additional shower and thunderstorm activity is will pass though along the leading edge of an advancing cold front.

By the time the last of the rainfall exits east of the region, some parts of the Tri-State could be left with as much as 2″ of total precipitation between Thursday and Saturday nights! Fortunately, the remainder of the extended forecast is expected to be drier, albeit a little cooler. After falling to 49° (for an afternoon high) following the passage of the cold front Saturday night, we’ll gradually regain the warmth we’ll lose; Expect afternoon high temperatures back in the mid 60s by next Wednesday.



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