Walter McCarty’s Attorney Releases Statement

Jon Little, the attorney for Walter McCarty, released Wednesday a statement in response to McCarty’s termination as UE’s men’s basketball head coach.


Coach Walter McCarty received notice from the University yesterday evening, immediately prior to its press release, that he was being terminated as the Head Men’s Basketball Coach. He was shocked by the decision.

He first wishes to express his sincere apology for the negative impact this entire situation has had on his family, the team, the Aces supporters, and the entire Evansville community. Walter grew up in Evansville and came home with the sole goal of putting UE basketball back on the map. He deeply regrets that he won’t get the opportunity to finish what he started.

However, Coach McCarty wants to be equally clear to the Evansville community and all supporters that he did not engage in any sexual misconduct or violate the University’s Title IX Policy. The University’s press release yesterday was once again self-serving, misleading and inaccurate.

UE previously told Coach McCarty and the Evansville community that an “independent” investigation would be conducted and that any future decisions would be “fair and informed.” Unfortunately, this did not happen.

The investigation was not independent – UE hired the same national law firm to conduct the investigation that it previously hired to draft the University policies now under review. UE then actively participated in the investigation and, prior to its conclusion, terminated Walter without him having an opportunity to defend himself in accordance with his contract or UE’s Title IX Policy.

Any suggestion that Walter was treated fairly or impartially by UE is simply not accurate. In my opinion, the University made an unfortunate and unfair rush to judgment.

This is a very difficult time for Walter. His step-father, who raised him from the time he was six years old, passed away late last week. He and his family are mourning his passing, so we won’t be granting any media interviews at this time.

Thank you for your understanding and prayers


The University of Evansville will hold a live press conference for Todd Lickliter, the new head coach of the men’s basketball team. That press conference will be held on Wednesday at 4:30 p.m.

To watch the live stream, click here.

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