Viral “Skull Breaker Challenge” Seriously Injures Teens, Raises Concerns

A new viral trend called the “Skull Breaker Challenge” is raising major safety concerns. Viral videos are circling the internet that could cause serious damage to those who fall victim to the “prank”.

Now doctors are warning parents that this could be more dangerous than previously thought. The viral skull breaker challenge on Tik Tok is absolutely terrifying to watch.

One person jumps as high as they can while two people kick their feet from underneath them. Sometimes the person jumping is unaware of their frightful fate.

So far, teens across the country have suffered serious injuries. Law enforcement officials urge you to tell your kids that likes and shares on an app aren’t worth pain or your future.

Trooper Corey King says, “And I think that’s the important takeaway here is what are the inherent dangers and I think people have a lot for to lose especially those that don t know this is coming. If they hit the right way, we have seen time and time again people die of the littlest amount of trauma.”

Trp. King says if someone dies due to a social media prank those who tripped them could be charged for their death.

Charges and guilt which could linger for several years or even a lifetime. If your kids have social media it’s worth following them and their friends just to see what their group is up to.



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