Evansville Veteran Hoping to Find the Owner of a Missing Air Force Hat

An Evansville veteran is looking for the owner of a hat left on his door handle. 44news is back on the hunt for a hat that belongs to a veteran. We first met veteran Warren Knight when he was looking for his cap back in October.

Knight is a retired school teacher, but he’s also a veteran who served in World War Two as a member of the 749th Tank Battalion. He was searching for his World War Two hat adorned with pins he’d received from family and the Honor Flight of Southern Indiana.

Shortly after talking with 44News reporter Amanda Porter about his missing hat it was found by his son. But, now a new mystery.

Another hat belonging to a veteran is hanging from his door handle. Knight says the hat seemingly appeared there overnight Tuesday. The hat comes from a specific group in the military. Knight doesn’t know how the hat got there, or who it belongs to. He say he knows the sadness he felt when he lost his cap, so he is on the hunt to return this one to its rightful owner.

“I’m hoping that the man that called yesterday recognizes it and comes and, or at least is interested to come and talk to me about it. And I’ll see if it really belongs to him.”

Knight says the hat may have been placed at his home because of the World War Two license plate above his garage. He hopes to get into contact with the owner of the hat. You can reach Knight by calling him at (812) 470-5535.



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