Vehicle Crashes Into Home

People in Madisonville are sharing their concerns tonight about an area road after a driver collides with a Hopkins County home.

Those living here say they have been worried about winding Theresa Lane for years. They point to happened along the road over the weekend as proof of why.

“They just ignore the stop signs,” neighbor Ashariera Browder observed.

“It happens all the time,” added neighbor Janis Smith. “People drive entirely too fast through here.”

Madisonville homeowners think a weekend crash where the driver of an SUV crashed into a house highlights the dangers they face.

“Speed bumps. I would totally be ok with two in front of my house if it means somebody’s not going to wind up in the yard, in my house, or running over one of our animals or kids,” stated Smith.

But the accident isn’t being blamed on missing a stop sign or flying through the neighborhood at high rate of speed, but on something much smaller

“A juvenile driver was driving down the road. A bug flew in the window. He got hit in the face, which caused him to veer off the road. He traveled off the road, struck the home and went into the garage area of the road,” reported Madisonville Police Major Andy Rush.

Fortunately the only damage seems to be physical.

“he was a little shaken up, but not injured.” Rush said about the driver.

But those nearby say they’re shaken up too.

“Now I am. I’m terrified to come outside,” stated neighbor Andre Browder

Rush says that driver isn’t expected to be ticketed: “A dog going across the street, or a bug hitting somebody in the side of the face, that’s not anything on purpose so no criminal charges will be filed.”

Although contractors did drop by today there’s no telling how long it will take for this house and this street to get back to normal.



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