VCSO Charge Wife With Murdering Husband With Kitchen Knife

A 51-year-old Evansville woman is behind bars, accused of murdering her husband.

Edward Payne, 60, was discovered in the kitchen at his home on the 2600 block of Glenview Drive. His wife, Wendy Payne, called 911 at approximately 6 PM Saturday night claiming she had stabbed her husband.

“He had a significant wound to the chest cavity,” said Vanderburgh County Sheriff Dave Wedding during a news conference Sunday afternoon. “It did not look like he left the area after he was stabbed. It looked like he fell straight to the floor.”

Wedding described Wendy Payne as “distraught and covered in blood” as she was taken to the Operation Center for questioning. She exercised her right to remain silent and asked for a lawyer. At that point, Wedding says all attempts to question her ended.

Detectives remained on the scene to gather evidence for a possible prosecution. No move is known at this time.

An autopsy was held at 11 AM Sunday morning and it was determined the man died from a sharp force trauma to the chest, which penetrated the heart resulting in death.

The autopsy did reveal what Wedding believes are defense wounds on Edward Payne’s hands. Wedding says the wounds are associated with defense wound by putting up your hands.

According to Wedding this was not the first time deputies were called to the Payne’s home. In 2016 and 2018, Wedding says deputies responded to the home, but said each time it was for nothing more than yelling and screaming.

“They weren’t really crimes, just yelling and screaming matches, but no criminal activity,” Wedding stated.

Wendy Payne is scheduled to make her first court appearance later this week.

44News reporter Joylyn Bukovac will have more tonight at 9 PM on Fox44 and at 10 PM on CBS44.

The Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office is investigating what they are calling a “suspicious death” after finding a dead man at a home in Evansville.

Posted by Joylyn Bukovac 44News on Sunday, July 21, 2019



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