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USI’s Bryson McNay Looks to Improve With the Bombers

As a freshman at USI, Bryson McNay hit .276 with two home runs. This summer, McNay has teamed up with the Dubois County Bombers and is looking to improve.

“Bryson came to us with having a great connection with Archuletta down there he always sends us very quality players, he’s a kid that shows up early everyday to get his work in and he’s made great strides as this season has kind of progressed and I think that’s just an attribute to him the effort he puts in on a daily basis to making himself better and he’s probably the ultimate aspect of a team player and every facet of it. He’s not a very vocal leader but he just does everything by example and if I need somebody to do something I know that he’s going to be somebody that I can count on,” said Bombers Head Coach Travis Lamar.

“It’s a really nice tight knit place here in Huntingburg so it’s kind of like USI. Learning stuff from Travis Lamar and our other coach Ethan Collins just having them teach us the game and bettering us for next year,”said Bombers outfielder Bryson McNay.

There are many advantages to playing summer ball, and the eagle is soaring into new opportunities that this Bombers club has to offer.

“Being able to get here early is one of the big things since we have more time off, we don’t really have to worry about classes and stuff. We can get to the field early, hit in the cage, ask whatever pitcher or coach can come out and hit us some fly balls and really get to work on it,” said McNay.

And McNay isn’t just focused on improving just one aspect of his game, he’s determined to make himself into an all around better player.

“Just offspeed and obviously working in the outfield and being better at reading balls. Tyler Van Pelt helped me with my swing, teaching me a new drill in the cage off the tee and everything, so just learning whatever everybody else does as a player can help me as a player,” said McNay.




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