USI Student Shot at Sunday Morning Party

A University of Southern Indiana student was shot while at an off campus house party on the west side Sunday morning, according to VCSO Major Noah Robinson who spoke with 44News.

“This was a student party, to the information I have there were no other individuals present in the home who were not either University of Southern Indiana students or friends of USI students,” Robinson said.

Robinson says the house on Roesner Road was being rented by USI students.

“Deputies were told that someone had been shot at a party that was relativity near the campus of the University of Southern Indiana. We learned the house was a rental; that some students were renting and they were all students at the nearby campus,” he said.

Robinson said it is “frustrating,” but VCSO is optimistic they will eventually be able to locate the shooter.

USI spokesman John Farless says because there has not been a name released in connection with the incident at this time, they are not able to confirm whether the person is a USI student.

However, the sheriff’s office did confirm to 44News Sunday morning that the victim has been identified as a USI student.

The sheriff’s office has been in contact with USI Public Safety.

An Investigation is ongoing and no suspect has been apprehended.

Sheriff’s Office: One Injured in West Side Party Shooting



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