Update: Drag Queen Story Hour Discussion Underway

A new member of the EVPL Board was hoping to make some changes to future Drag Queen Story Hour events but after Thursday’s board meeting that’s been temporarily pushed aside.

The newly appointed board member Richard Clements made a motion to amend the agenda for Thursday’s meeting. He wanted the board to take away resources for future story hours including personnel, direct support, marketing, and promotions but his request was denied.

Now he’s speaking out about why he made the request in the first place.

Clements says, “I think that these people deserve a voice. There was a lot of energy on that side. It’s one of the reasons why I was appointed was to bring balance. And I made my effort. It is what it is. It failed for a second reading. At least the people got a voice.”

Drag Queen Story Hour is scheduled for Saturday morning at 10.



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