Unpaid Coal Miners Continue Protest Weeks Later

Protesters in Harlan County Kentucky are not letting up entering week four as they demand answers from U.S. coal giant Blackjewel

Despite the extreme heat along the tracks miners say they aren’t going anywhere. They’ve been protesting every day since Blackjewel filed bankruptcy in July leaving some 1,800 miners unemployed and owed unpaid back wages.

The protesters all have the same goal in mind be paid what they’re owed and get answers after being left in the dark for months.

Chris Rowe says, “It’s hot and we are all ready to go home. We’re hoping to get some resolution to it, but our thoughts are still the same. We are standing for what we’ve earned.”

Blackjewel miners say they still plan on staying at the tracks for however long it takes to get what they deserve.



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