University Releases Sexual Assault Report

A shocking new report is released detailing that more than 6,000 Indiana University students reported some sort of sexual misconduct.

Sex abuse is a problem plaguing America. On average, more than 570 people are sexually assaulted every day across the country.

IU administrators say the number of their students who have been sexually abused is consistent with other universities’ findings, and they’re committed to addressing the problem.

Indiana University released the data from a sexual misconduct survey done in the spring. More than 9,000 students from all of their campuses participated and the results are eye-opening.

More than 25% of undergraduate women at IU Bloomington claim they have experienced sexual harassment. Nearly 20% of undergrad women at IUPUI have the same claim.

A stomach-turning reality, nearly 20% of IU Bloomington women and more than 10% of IUPUI students have experienced or almost experienced non-consensual intercourse during their time at IU. That means thousands of IU students have experienced some sort of sexual abuse.

Although, between 72 and 96% of their students feel the university will step in to make sure justice is served against the accused predators. Nearly 98% of students say they do feel safe on campus.

The university already has programs to try to prevent sexual abuse, but they are going to use these recent findings to strengthen their training.

IU also implemented a bystander intervention program which is a requirement for all first-year and graduate students. This way students know university policies and procedures for these situations.

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