University of Evansville Working on Policy Towards Betting on Sporting Events

With sports betting in Indiana more than a month old, concerns continue among intercollegiate athletics.

University of Evansville is working on finalizing a policy for people tied in to the University when it comes to sports betting.  The following is the official UE response:

“The University of Evansville is currently finalizing an internal policy to address the changes in the Indiana State law regarding legalized gambling and betting on sporting events. The University policy will prohibit student-athletes, coaches, athletic staff, and those who have responsibility within or over the athletics departments, including senior level University administrators. The University may expand on these limitations in the future.

 “While we understand that Indiana has legalized wagering on intercollegiate athletics, we have many concerns about this wagering. We believe that permitted individual player proposition bets pose the greatest integrity risk to college sports due to (1) open access to student-athletes; (2) broad availability of student-athletes and team information; and (3) easy opportunity to influence collegiate student-athletes. Along with many other universities, UE asked the Indiana Gaming Commission to prohibit these types of bets at the collegiate level. Currently, individual player proposition bets are permitted under the IGC guidelines.”

UE isn’t the only state university addressing the issue.  Purdue Board of Trustees will meet on Thursday to discuss campus prohibitions on placing legal bets on Boilermaker teams.



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