Uncovering an Urban Legend in Posey Co.

Have martians landed in Posey County? 44News This Morning anchor Tommy Mason tracks down the origins and explanation of a peculiar structure near Mt. Vernon. This is the latest installment of tri-state treasures.

People looking south along Highway 62 in Posey County might notice an odd shaped structure. Some suggest the object is that of a crash UFO, or perhaps a martian landing base. Lending to this urban legend, the fact that the isolated object sits in front of Marrs Elementary, where the school mascot is that of a comet. Nearby neighbors have their own descriptions.

Resident Judy Garwood said, “I call it my White Bowling pin. And when I tell my friends I’m by the White Bowling pin, they know where I’m at.”
Another resident, Saundra Hadley, said, “I thought is was a farmer building. To store grain. I didn’t know at all. And we went over to look at it. And its not that.”

So if it’s not a tribute to league bowlers in the tri-state, and it’s not of alien origins, what is it?

For a definitive answer we go 15 miles to the northeast. Chad Lemon with Tri-State Aero said it does have a connection to flying objects. “Its not quite a space ship, it does have something to do with aviation. That station is a radio navigation station. And its called a VOR. It stands for VHF Omni-directional range. And what it is – is a radio navigation station that pilots can tune in, and they can navigate to it, from it, or any direction to or from it, to go into this airport or any of a number of airports in this area, or others,” Lemon said.

This VOR station has a name. Lemon said, “It does. Its called the Pocket City VOR. All the navigation stations have a name. Some of them are named withe city they are in. Like there’s St. Louis VOR. There’s the Louisville VOR. Some of them have names that represent the area. Like here we have the Pocket City VOR. The VOR in Indianapolis is called the Brickyard VOR. So all of them have names, so when pilots file flight plans, or the controllers give the pilot an instruction, they know which VOR to go to.”

People who try to visit the VOR and expect to meet aliens will likely be disappointed, although they will probably meet someone. Hadley said, “I don’t think you’re gonna be taken off to close encounters of the third kind. It will be the Posey County Sheriffs.”



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