U.S. Senator Todd Young Speaks on the Local and International Effects of Coronavirus

The global health crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic continues to change the lives of Americans every day.

While many citizens are doing their part by staying at home, state and federal officials are doing their part, working to reduce the spread of the virus.

United States Senator (R-IN) Todd Young joined 44News for an online interview, to discuss the financial impact of the coronavirus on Americans, the future of manufacturing relationships between the U.S. and China, and more.

Americans Are Stressed About Making Ends Meet – What Could Another Stimulus Package Look Like for Americans in the Future?

“We just came off the best economy in 50 years,” Sen. Young began. “It was interrupted at a moment’s notice with this pandemic.”

“We implemented a really robust stimulus package to try and stabilize this economy and help people, at a time when the government is telling them they can’t go to work,” Sen. Young continued.

“We want to see how this is implemented – we want to make sure that the smaller businesses especially have access to capital so they can make it through this difficult time,” said Sen. Young.

“Ultimately we want to contain this virus, hopefully in the coming weeks, so that people can go back to work,” Sen. Young said.

“In the meanwhile, of course, we’re going to be maintaining a punch list of potential gaps that exist in coverage, gaps that exist in services, and that could ultimately come together in the form of an additional package,” Sen. Young went on to say. “But we’re in no rush to put together a package, especially after investing so much in keeping people safe, and making sure that they can pay their bills.”

Do You Think the Coronavirus Pandemic Will Affect the Manufacturing Relationship Between the U.S. and China?

“It most certainly will, and I’ve been pretty vocal about this,” Sen. Young began.

“When we are relying on 80% of the products that go into manufacturing pharmaceuticals to come out of China and India, we’re over-reliant, clearly,” the senator continued.

“This crisis has exposed some existing vulnerabilities, so we’re going to have to rethink – everything from pharmaceutical reliance, to our extended supply chains when it comes to Indiana’s manufacturing economy,” Sen. Young went on to say. “So once we get past this, we can rethink all of those things.”

“In the near-term of course, we want to keep people safe and secure, get them back to work, ensure they can pay their bills,” said Sen. Young.

“We’re going to have to boldly invest in ourselves so that we’re not relying on the Chinese, and so that the Chinese don’t ultimately grow their economy within the next 10 years to be larger than our own,” the senator continued. “They’re currently headed to do so. And I have some plans that I’ve put forward to ensure that the United States remains the leading economy in the world, and we have more control over our own fate.”

Has the Government Overstepped Boundaries by Imposing Limitations on Travel and Businesses?

“I’ve been listening to a number of different public health experts, and frankly, some take different approaches, or advocate different approaches, in dealing with a pandemic like this,” Sen. Young began to explain.

“On balance, I think most agree it makes sense to adopt what you might call a risk-based approach,” the senator continued to explain. “In other words, you treat rural, sparsely-populated areas, differently than urban areas, which of course are more densely populated.”

“People can probably go back to work, I’m hearing from these experts, in these rural, sparsely-populated areas, as compared to, say, a New York City,” Sen. Young said.

“That seems to be the approach that’s informing President Trump’s perspective and is probably where the state of Indiana is headed as well – although that’s ultimately up to the governor and his public health officials – which he rightly, is allowing to lead the policy response,” Sen. Young went on to say.

Watch the full interview with U.S. Senator Todd Young below:



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