Tyler Trent’s Cell Donation to Help Cancer Research

The Purdue Center for Cancer Research has launched a new search program that uses Tyler Trent’s cancer cells. Prior to Trent’s death on January 1st, he donated his osteosarcoma tumors to be used for research to help others.

The initiative, announced Tuesday, is a collaborative effort between Dr. David Nolte and Dr. John Turek. According to the Purdue Center for Cancer Research, the duo will study Trent’s cells to measure motion.

“Part of Tyler’s incredible lasting legacy is that he will help current and future patients,” said Tim Ratliff, a distinguished professor of comparative pathobiology in Purdue’s College of Veterinary Medicine and the Robert Wallace Miller Director of the Purdue University Center for Cancer Research. “Our focus is on moving treatments forward so they reach those in need.”

The university says Trent’s donated cells will be tested using biodynamic imaging.

To learn more about Purdue’s cancer research, click here.



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