Two Women Face Kidnapping, Confinement Charges

Two women are being held in the Vanderburgh County Jail on kidnapping charges after police say the victim jumped from a second-story window to escape.

Angela Storey and Sonya Saunders are multiple charges after police were called to the 300 block of North Garvin Street for a person screaming for help.

The victim told police that she had met with Storey and Saunders on Saturday, October 12th to get high and smoke meth. After getting high, the victim says she was escorted to Saunders’ room and tied up.

The victim says her feet were in a purse tied with a belt, rope, and a bungie cord. The victim told officers she was able to escape but Saunders and Storey tied her up again.  A stun gun was also used on the victim’s left knee during her confinement.

The victim was able to get free again and jumped out of the window to get away from her attackers.

Saunders told police she confined the victim because she had stolen $65 from her.  Saunders was tired of being robbed and took matters into her own hands, says the affidavit.  She also told officers she wanted to cut the victim’s fingers off and feed it to her.

On Oct. 13th, police obtained a search for the home.  Police say they found several broken zip ties, bungie cords, purse with a rope connected, electrical cords, and a stun gun in the house.

Storey and Saunders are both facing kidnapping and confinement charges.

Angela Storey
Sonya Saunders




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