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Two People Die in Plane Crash

Kentucky State Police are joining federal investigators as they try to figure out what caused a small fixed-wing plane to crash. Officials say the crash happened sometime last night or early this morning.

No one knew about this crash for hours.

Around 7:00 Wednesday morning, an airport employee discovered the wreckage. Officials say it looked as though the plane had been driven into the ground and the two passengers on board were already dead.

“We don’t believe that both the individuals nor the owner of the plane are from the tri-state area,” says Kentucky State Police Trooper Corey King.

Since area radio towers shut down overnight, investigators are having to go through Indianapolis to see where the plane might have been headed or if there was a call for help.

Trooper King says there are many questions surrounding this crash. “Were intoxicants involved here? Were there more issues when it comes down to the crash itself?”

Police are hoping an eyewitness will come forward, which could help them figure out what time the crash happened and what led up to it.

Josephine Davis recalls seeing a small plane trying to land around 10:00 last night which is not an unusual sight since the airport is basically in her backyard. She did not think much of it until this morning, although she is not sure if this is the plane that crashed.

“I just thought that was nice to see. It’s wonderful for me to see a little airplane,” says Davis.

Davis and her husband both loved to fly which is why they opened the Henderson City-County Airport.

“We would go to what used to be this little airport. We would sit there and he’d say, ‘I’m going to have my own airport someday,'” says Davis.

For her, flying was more than a hobby.

“It was my whole life, you know,” says Davis.

She taught hundreds of people how to fly which is why talking about this crash is just too painful for her to talk about.

Officials do not know what caused the crash or where the plane was headed.

Investigators with Kentucky State Police, the FAA, and NTSB are all working together to figure out what caused the plane to go crash about 50 yards off the runway.

The victims have not been identified, but autopsies are scheduled for Thursday in Madisonville.



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