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Two Men Broke-In, While a Wadesville Family Was Home

A Wadesville family’s night was interrupted when two men broke into the home.

The break-in happened just before 8 pm, Tuesday at a home in the Briar Ridge subdivision.

According to the Posey County Sheriff, the people at the home were able to barricade themselves inside a room and call for help.

After calling the Sheriff, the homeowner also called their neighbor to keep an eye out for anyone leaving the home or a suspicious vehicle.

The neighbor told the homeowner there was a strange black truck parked in the driveway.

When deputies arrived at the home, two men were in the front yard. After investigating the scene, deputies said it was clear the two men were connected to the burglary.

The men, Nicholas Beamon, 30, of Chandler and Curtis Nichols, 34, of Evansville were both arrested and charged with burglary.

The sheriff says the black truck the two men were driving was reported stolen from Evansville.

Curtis Nichols is also being charged with auto theft.



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