Tucker Schank Joins His Hometown Bombers

The Ohio Valley League draws players from all kinds of different places across the country. However, the Dubois County Bombers have a new player who is no stranger to the team or League Stadium. Our very own Andrew Garcia caught up with the newest Bomber, Southridge graduate and IU freshman, Tucker Schank.

“The one thing that Tucker brings is a good work ethic, the kid works hard everyday, you know he comes to the park everyday ready to play, obviously I knew about him helping out with the high school team here and with Southridge’s season carrying on a little bit he was a little behind there. We knew we we’re going to pick him up, it was just a matter of when he was able to get here. We’re really happy to have him, I’ve been really pleased with what he’s been able to put on the table the last couple of days he just jumped right into it and he was ready to go from day one,” said Bombers Head Coach Travis Lamar.

“It’s very convenient. I feel right at home playing in front of the same fans playing with some of the same guys that I’ve played against before in my past so I know a lot if these guys I’m on the same team here with it’s great because I don’t have a host family my own family is my host family so I live about 5 minutes from the stadium so I get to enjoy that leisure. Not really anybody else gets to do that and I feel fairly blessed that I get to do that and just playing in front of the same community that I’ve been playing in front of for so many years is big too,” said Bombers outfielder Tucker Schank.

The IU commit is looking to get ahead before he takes off for Bloomington.

“Coach Mercer wanted me to play some travel ball, just play some really meaningful innings, and to get ready for the next level because I haven’t really had that exposure before and this was just the right answer. I know the head coach really well, he’s a good guy and he’s also good friends with coach Mercer so that was a good way for me to get a connection and get my name out there so now here I am playing for them,” said Schank.

As the new guy, Schank is all ears with his older teammates.

“They work day in and day out. They eat, sleep, breathe baseball and they do whatever they can to get better and I really appreciate them teaching me some of the ways that they do that and I’m really glad I get to play with the better competition here,” said Schank.



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