Tri-State Teacher Steps Up to Help During Pandemic

Across the Tri-State, many are doing their part to help flatten the curve.

For some this means spending countless hours making masks, delivering supplies, and helping out where they can.

One Tri-State teacher is using his skills to help local healthcare workers.

“I can’t sew, so I decided to do this.”

Now more than ever people are stepping up to do their part and for Eric Sogard, that’s exactly what he’s doing.

“I have been printing them for about the last four days,” says Eric Sogard, Evansville Day School STEM teacher.

He’s spent the last week making face masks clips for local healthcare workers.

His inspiration, his own hero working on the front lines where COVID-19 has hit the hardest.

“I have twin nieces in upstate New York and one of them is an RN at a hospital,” says Sogard. “One of the things I’ve noticed through social media is that it’s pretty tough on the back of their ears and so the surgical masks are kind of digging in peoples ears and actually creating scars. When I saw that piece about the protector you can make, I thought that would be something really easily I could do for the community.”

To bring his vision to life, Sogard quickly received permission from Evansville Day School to use their 3D printer.

“So what it does is it actually heats up a piece of plastic that’s in a string and what it does is it’s able to create something that literally looks like a fishing wire into something of practicality,” says Sogard. “We have about 200 made and I think I have about 3-400 more of requests.”

Sogard says he’s made several deliveries to Deaconess and Saint Vincent hospitals completely free of charge.

“I’m just trying to keep busy and even kind of model things that my kids can hopefully see one day and when the time comes they can help out too,” says Sogard.

A small gesture that will ultimately help save lives.

“The smiles that I see on people’s faces are just tremendous, it’s the little things like that,” says Sogard.



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