Tri-State Schools Prep With Security Measures

Students are getting ready for the classroom but administrators across the Tri-State are prepping as well, incorporating multiple pieces of the puzzle to help solve school safety issues.

A range of efforts, both physical and technological, are in place this year to make sure students are even safer as they head back to school.

The days of simple locks and fire drills are giving way to a more complicated picture of security, for a more complicated world of threats.

“The only thing you can really do is prepare for the worst. We hope it never happens, but you want to be prepared to know what to do in those types of situations,” explained Jared Revlett with Owensboro Public Schools.

New this year across the state are requirements from the Kentucky General Assembly that all doors must be kept closed and locked. But Owensboro Public Schools are opting for some 21st-century measures.

“We’ve partnered up with a company called Crisis Go. That’s an app that helps streamline communication for any type of crisis situation that we may see. It could be a weather event, it could be an active shooter type situation.”

The app also allows teachers to address individual classroom incidents like fights or chemical spills, but is ready to roll for anything campus-wide.

While they’re teaching the teachers the ins and outs of the app, new hires are also getting an additional experience today.

The sheriff’s office is putting those staff members through what Daviess County Public Schools had back in June: active shooter response training with live fire.

“We analyze an incident when it happens. Something changes and we think: we really need to reemphasize this or we need to change this,” explained Retired Major General Allen Youngman during that previous training.

And in Union County, last year marked the first time they conducted drills–not for weather or evacuation–but for wanding.

Employees put each student through the process of using handheld metal detectors to search, making this year the first full one after practice and refining

All across the Tri-State, measures like these and more make sure there are preparations for any possibility, and the focus remains on learning



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