Tri-State Alliances Holds Service for Transgender Day of Remembrance

A day to remember 23 lives lost across the U.S. due to hatred and violence of transgender individuals.

The Tri-State Alliance held a memorial service for Transgender Day of Remembrance.

TSA hopes events like this one spread the message that trans people are people.

While the memorial features people across the country, that doesn’t mean people in the transgender community in the Tri-State aren’t facing their own issues.

TSA says the most important thing people in the community can do to show their support of people who are transgender is to be open and listen without judgement.

“Even if your heart just sinks when you hear it just take a step back and say ‘I love you,'”said Kirt Etheridge, TSA Transgender Support Group member. “Because that’s the one thing that trans people in general are so scared they’re going to lose.”

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