Tri-State Alliance Remembering Transgender Lives Lost

Transgender communities and their supporters gather to honor the lives lost to anti-transgender violence. Sunday marked Transgender Day of Remembrance and Tri-State Alliance hosted several memorial events.

The youth group acknowledged the stigma and marginalization transgenders often deal with in the communities in which they live. The LGBTQ group had a closed door meeting where a trans man shared his story with members, “We all face similar struggles and a lot of people won’t ever see them because they don’t live them. Not many of us are willing to talk about it and I am comfortable enough to be the person to step up and tell my story, to tell them what it’s like to live in the body you weren’t supposed to have,” said Skylar Julian.

Tri-State Alliance hosted several other memorial events throughout the evening Sunday. The group walked to the pedestrian bridge overlooking the Lloyd for a candlelight vigil remembering the transgender lives lost due to senseless violence.



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