Transportation Officials Warn of Increased Deer Crossings During Flooding

With all the recent rainfall, the Ohio River is on the rise and it’s starting to impact Tri-State drivers.

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet officials say that all the recent rain is creating a flooding concern, and causing a lot of deer to look for higher ground.

In turn, that means more drivers are swerving to avoid deer.

Officials would like to remind drivers, especially this time of year, not to veer for deer.

Those who have traveled to or through Henderson by way of U.S. Highway 41 may have noticed the large “Caution: Deer Crossing” sign, and transportation officials are saying that being aware of deer is even more important when there’s flooding.

The probability of deer crossings increasing during times of flooding is especially common on highway areas such as U.S. 41, where there are a number of wooded areas surrounding the roadways.

Officials say every year, they see several incidents of drivers hitting deer, prompting their encouragement to warn drivers of possibility of increased risk caused by the heavy rain.

“If you have to put a post-it on your dashboard to remember to think about it – you know, the boards should help to remind people to just slow down and be aware and just notice if there are any deer up on the sides of the woods getting ready to come down or anything like that,” Kentucky Department of Highways spokesperson Keirsten Jaggers said.

The City of Henderson Public Works Department may also be forced to close Wolf Hills Road sometime on Friday.

They say barrels will be in place to mark the closure on the route.

If you come across flooding, while driving turn around – don’t drown.



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