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Top Toys to Buy BEFORE Black Friday

Holiday shopping for the top toys before they sell out can be stressful —

To make things worse, with frozen 2 out this week, plus the ongoing trend of unboxing toys and nurturing plushes — planning ahead can ease that anxiety.

Here’s what experts and strategists say you should buy before Black Friday.

Think of the “Blume” dolls as a cross between a Chia Pet (with better hair) and an unboxing toy.

These adorable little things start out looking like a potted plant, and slowly spring out of their dirt when watered.

After she blooms, open the pot to find her mini friend and fun stickers!

Experts say “it’s like magic for kids”, and each one of the collectibles along with the pot as the playset, cost ten dollars.

What’s better than bubble wrap, slime and smashing?

The Pop Pops Snotz collection — smash slime bubbles (fun) to see which character you got (also, fun)!

The Pop Pops Snotz Hammer lets you crush the pop bubbles, store your collectibles inside of it, and the handle works as a syringe to suck up and squirt slime… so now your slime is re-usable!

At $15, toy experts say these are going to be flying off shelves.

The “nurturing toy” trend continues this year, and the new line of Scruff-a-Luvs are predicted to be a bigger hit than even last year’s!

Rescue a family of wandering pets when you open the box!

Then, give your new forever friends a bath to find out if you got a dog or cat, how many babies the mama has…if you warm their hearts, their fur will color change to reveal their gender!

All in all the Scruff-a-Luvs family set promises 10 surprises along your rescue pet path.

The single pets last year were a huge hit, so it’s no shock that the family set is trending with kids…and they’re only 25 bucks!

LOL Surprise toys sell out, and experts say that, because of “Frozen 2”, the winter theme will be popular, and they’re right, because finding this winter-disco themed doll can be tough at times — I mean, she comes with 25 surprises.

Experts say this doll, sitting at about 50 bucks “…is going to be a juggernaut.”

Speaking of juggernauts, the new Disney Frozen 2 singing Elsa doll is going to be this year’s hottest toy from a movie.

This Elsa sings the hit song from the film, “Into the Unknown”!

Let’s face it, your kids are going to be singing that 100 times a day after you take them to see the movie anyway, might as well let them feel like a film insider…as well as maybe get them to stop wailing, “Let it Go” into their hairbrushes.

These are the toys that you’ll want to snag before Black Friday when they’ll either be gone early, or you’ll have to protect your cart until check-out, if you do find them.

Here’s to making children happy during the holidays … and never hearing “Let it Go” again.

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