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Tired of Cooking? Carry Out at Bokeh Lounge

Tired of cooking already?

Good thing that Uber Eats, Waitr and Door Dash are all available…

Being stuck indoors is no fun, but you can switch it up by trying a new restaurant that you might not have before now.

This week’s Taste Tuesday is all about the little lounge that could — did, and does treat us to delicious choices for every palate and time of day.

Once upon a time, Bokeh Lounge was just a tiny shotgun bar…none of this existed…no kitchen, one bathroom, Unisex.

They expanded, added a kitchen and stage, and with new head chef Dontae — all the pieces have fallen into place for the little bar that could.

The newly re-vamped menu features late night favorites and uber brunch-able choices,

Signature cocktails for seven dollars, salads, sandwiches, sides, appetizers and breakfast — the most expensive thing on the menu is the giant pizza plate stuffed full of loaded nachos for $12.50, and I cannot tell you how many nights I’ve come in and seen plate after plate of loaded nachos on the table!

Twelve and a half bucks?!

And get this, the kitchen is open as long as the bar is…so when they call last call for alcohol, it’s last call for food!

You can eat all night long.

You can even build your own sandwich, make it a burger, fish filet, pork tenderloin, chicken breast…go crazy!

They affectionately call these “Cheese Twinkies”, but they’re more like cheese logs, and at $9 for 4 of them?

This is going to be shared between you and a couple of friends, after a couple of drinks, these are really going to hit the spot.

The breading on the cheese Twinkies is exceptional!

It’s super crunchy and has a slight, spicy flavor that I can’t really put my finger on, but I do say probably some of the best cheese sticks I’ve ever had in my life…or cheese logs…or cheese stumps…cheese…whatever these are.

If you ever ate at Piston’s, you have had “Dontae food”, which is some of the best food you’re going to have in town.

He brought this with him, thank you Dontae, the “Flamboyant Fowl”, this is one spicy sandwich!

This is going to knock your socks off.

You can see how big this is, I can barely get my hands around it.

The Flamboyant Fowl is covered in what Dontae calls “Sassy Sauce”, so he sauces it, fries it, sauces it and fries it again, how decadent is that?

Whoo, that’s a spicy sandwich!

If you’re like me, and you don’t mind a little forehead sweat, this is the sandwich for you!

Still one of my favorites in town…juicy, saucy and sassy for sure, gets you right back here.

It’s going to have a little bit of heat, but it’s not going to burn your tongue off.

It is going to make you sweat, though.

Bokeh is the perfect place for brunch, not only is it laid back and eclectic, the food is awesome; but every Sunday they have jazz!

So you can order your brunch, and watch some jazz, sometimes there are up to 21 jazz musicians on the stage at once.

You don’t know how they all fit up there, but you don’t care because it sounds like you’re listening to an album!

Now that we’re full, you ready to lose at some foos ball?

Let’s go play.

Find Bokeh Lounge on Haynie’s Corner at 1007 Parrett Street.

They have a great website where you can see the menu, and when you can get out and about again, they also have their on-stage line-up listed!

And for now, they’re offering curb-side pick-up service, so you can minimize the risk of contact.

Let them know you heard about their food here, and let me know what you tried.



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