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Thriving Pets: National Disaster Preparedness Month

Once a month, 44News Morning Anchor Melissa Schroeder goes “Inside the Community” for Thriving Pets. Local veterinarian — Doctor Wagner — joins Melissa to talk about various pet related topics.

September is National Disaster Preparedness Month for pets. With Hurricanes Harvey and Irma hitting…many people realized it is not always easy to evacuate pets. Also, some shelters don’t allow any animals.

Here are some tips to help:

1. If you are evacuating somewhere call ahead.

2. Make sure your pets are vaccinated because many shelters won’t accept them if they are not.

3. Microchip your pet.

4. Prepare an emergency kit for your pet. This should include enough food and water to last at least 3-5 days, any medications the pet is currently on, a leash, collar, records, first aid kit, and a recent picture of the animal. Also add comfort items such as a brush and a litter box is a good idea too.

Some other things to keep in mind…The American Red Cross has an app for pet first aid that you can download on your smartphone. This tool is good to have for everyday use in regard to your pets safety and extremely helpful in an emergency situation.

The ASPCA has an app that can aid in knowing what to do if disaster strikes. It allows you to store your pets records, create a digital flyer for lost pets that can be used on social media, and what you can do before, during, and after a disaster even if you don t have data connectivity.

The AYMA has a PDF file that can be printed for free titled saving the whole family, which includes a large amount of information for animals of all types, from domestic to livestock. It can be found on the American Veterinary Medical Association’ss website: www.avma.com



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