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Thriving Pets: Nail Clipping

Once a month, Dr. Laura Wagner — from McCutchanville Animal Hospital — joins 44News Morning Anchor Melissa Schroeder for a segment called “Thriving Pets”. This segment deals specifically with pet care. This month, Dr. Wagner talked about nail trims.

First off, be sure you have your tools: trimmers, treats and styptic/clotting powder. Baking soda, baking flour and cornstarch can be used in place of styptic/clotting powder if you find yourself in a bind.

One of the most important things to remember when clipping your pet’s nails is to avoid the “quick”, which is a blood vessel. Cutting it could cause injury and other complications.

So, cut at a 45 angle being sure not to cut into the quick. The quick is easily visible on white/clear nails. On black/dark nails take off a little bit at a time to be sure you do not cut the quick.

If you accidentally cut the quick be sure to use some styptic or clotting powder to stop the flow of blood.

To watch the “Thriving Pets” segment, just click the video box below.



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