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Thriving Pets: Holiday Hazards For Cats and Dogs

Dr Laura Wagner with Mccutchanville Animal Hospital joined 44News Morning Anchor Melissa Schroeder “Inside the Community” for Thriving Pets on 44News This Morning.

The ladies talked about holiday hazards for your pets. First up, leftovers. Be careful giving your pet food prepared for human consumption. A lot of the rich holiday foods — we eat — can cause severe issues for your pets. Chocolate is also a “no no”. Sugar-free baked goods, bones from turkeys, and items that contain alcohol are all hazards for your pets too.

Holiday ornaments can be hazardous too. Tinsel and other shiny objects are great attractions for curious pets, but they can cause disaster if ingested. Place fragile ornaments away from lower branches to keep them out of reach.

Keep an eye on electrical cords for lighted holiday decor and keep batteries out of reach, as many animals like to chew on these items. Mistletoe, poinsettia, cyclamen, amaryllis, and holly are all staples at this time of year, but pose great danger to your pets and can be poisonous.

Just like us…pets can also get stressed out this time of year, with different schedules and new people coming around it can change the mood of your pet. Some signs of stress are decreased appetite, excessive/inappropriate urination or defecation, lethargy and a general sense of not acting normal.

To watch the full interview segment, click on the video link below.



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