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Thriving Pets: What To Expect On The First Visit

44News Morning Anchor Melissa Schroeder introduced a new segment today called “Thriving Pets”. Dr. Laura Wagner is from Mccutchanville Animal Hospital. She will be coming in once a month to talk about pet issues.

This morning, she talked about ten points for success when you get a new pet.

First, the pet should be scheduled for a veterinary visit and health check up within 48 hours of adoption. On the day of the appointment, please try to bring any paper work including vaccines and treatments. Also, try to take the time to compose a list of your questions so we can answer them during the appointment.

One more thing, a sample of feces is often recommended, especially for puppies and kittens, but also for older dogs. The sample should be fresh, obtained within 1-2 hours prior to your pet’s visit.

Finally, don’t forget the pet!

Now that you are prepared for the visit, here’s what you can expect for the first time.

-Your pet should be given a thorough ‘nose to tail’ exam by a licensed veterinarian.

-Your pet may be due for vaccines and if they are healthy, the may be given at this initial visit.

-The initial visit is a great time to begin heartworm prevention and external parasite control. If your dog is more than five months of age, your vet may recommend a heart worm test if it was not done prior to adoption.

-Your veterinarian will often provide you with consultation and information about spaying and neutering if your pet has not already been surgically altered.

-You may have questions about training options and socialization. Make sure to check your list before ending the office visit.

One of the most helpful and healthful things you can do for your pet is to ask questions and stay informed!

The ladies also featured to adoptable pets on the show from Vanderburgh Humane Society. Check the video out below to see the cute babies you can adopt from the VHS today.



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