Three People Arrested for Allegedly Trading Toddler for Vehicle

Three people are behind bars for allegedly trading a two-year-old for a vehicle. Detectives out of Thomasville, North Carolina arrested 47-year-old Tina Marie Chavis, 45-year-old Alice Leann Todd, and 53-year-old Vicencio Mendoza Romero on Wednesday.

Police say on July 23rd, Chavis brought a two-year-old child to a hospital with bruising. Initially, Chavis told authorities she was the mother of the child but changed her story, saying she was the child’s adoptive parent.

Police say she had no documents to back up that claim. The child was returned to a family member.

Investigators identified Todd as the child’s biological mother. According to investigators, Todd gave the child to Chavis and her husband Romero in exchange for a vehicle in 2018.

On Monday, all three were indicted for the unlawful sale, surrender or purchase of a minor.

All three suspects received a $500,000 bond.

Alice Todd
Vicencio Romero
Tina Chavis



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