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This Artist Is “Out of His Mind”!

The Tri-State is bursting with creative artists!

The Preston Arts Center in Henderson is celebrating one of their own with a one-of-a-kind exhibit perfect for fans of films and for avid video gamers.

Creativity and technology come together in this unique display, sure to delight.

Artist Collin Royster is “out of his mind”…

Yeah, I guess that’s true!
A lot of stuff comes out of my mind.

A convention enthusiast and familiar face on the con scene, portraying characters like “Darth Vader”, “Predator” and “The Reaper of Souls”; and building crazy creations…

This is ‘Sweet Tooth’, constructed off of a Power Wheels.
We took it and ripped the whole bottom out of it, made a metal frame and put 3 car batteries in it, and we race them around the United States, and different places.
It can go about 30 miles an hour and has a sound system in it.
The head is C-C milled out on a 5 axis machine, off of a model. I did all the paintwork and plastic…everything you see.

…Collin was inspired by the arts of engineering and cosplay.

I grew up in a machine shop and I know how to create things in the machining world, then I got into costuming and prop making in 2006; and I took it from there and started infusing engineering, and things I know from the machine shop, and things I’m learning from my friends making costumes and just blending the 2 together as an art.

Influenced by movies and video games, Collin plucked these dark, dangerous, yet whimsical ideas right out of his mind and brought them to life in hopes of inspiring others.

The words ‘out of your mind’ make you think somebody’s crazy, but really in this aspect, this stuff came out of my mind!
I like things that will spark emotion, obviously. A lot of this stuff is kind of more fearful, but some things are good, happy emotions.
You know, I really like visually pleasing things, and that’s what I’m after whenever I choose something to create.
It’s all here to inspire.

Now that Collin’s creations are “out of his mind” — and on display — his latest daydream is that his imagination will spark viewers to take their ideas and also make them real.

I want to inspire people around me to do more and create, and just don’t give up!
Some of the stories with some of this stuff…Just don’t give up.
Always follow your passions and do what you want to do.

“Out of His Mind” will be on display at the Preston Arts Center in Henderson, Thursday through Saturday 10am- 2pm until March 7th.

Then on the 25th of this month, artist Collin Royster will hold a free lecture/demonstration of how he created some of the objects in the exhibit!

This will be a great opportunity to hear how creativity and technology come together.

Bonus…Collin will engage with the audience to create a new piece for the exhibit!

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