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The Magic of … MAGIC

The art of illusion has been mesmerizing audiences for thousands of years, and the Tri-State is home to a beloved father and son duo that make the art their own.

When I heard that magician Don Baggett was coming out of retirement to join his son for a special show — and to return to Holiday World with a new spectacle — I had to ask the veteran of illusion, why — as a modern society — are we still entranced with magic, and what it takes to keep an entire room spell-bound.

The art of illusion is thousands of years old…

But magicians still fascinate us with their fantastic feats.

I think everybody wants to have that suspension of reality for just a little bit.
You know, that’s why we watch a movie, that’s why we go to a concert, that’s why we go see a Broadway show.

Practitioners of prestidigitation say there’s more to the art than just “magic”, sleight of hand and misdirection, it’s about taking people on a journey.

I’ve always wanted to take people on a journey, not just a show but an emotional experience where they just have fun!

That journey doesn’t just happen naturally.

For me, it starts with a premise, and then a whole bunch of notes.
I just wrote a show that I’m now performing, that was a year plus in the making, that started just as a concept; and went from concept to book, to full-blown production.

That’s right — when you catch a magic show, you’re watching a carefully crafted tale that’s designed specifically to take you away to the land of wonder!

My show will seem very ‘on the fly’ almost, but it’s very calculated and almost to the point where, if you watched it several times, even though it will have this feeling of, ‘Wow! That happened for the very first time,’, it’s very scripted so to speak.

The art of illusion…much more than “just magic”.

Want to lose yourself in a show full of comedy and illusion?

You can catch Brandon and Don Baggett performing their individual shows at Holiday World…Halloween Weekends are still going strong for the next 4 weekends!

I’ll be there this Saturday to catch Don’s new show…he showed me a picture…you won’t recognize him at all!

See more of our amazing area on Evansville’s YouTube Channel, The Best Day Ever Evansville.

And check out what’s happening on the city calendar before you head out for some fun!



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