“The Challenge of This Generation”

Since the beginning, masks have been something everyone wants to get their hands on.

And as store shelves began thinning out, some people were forced to get creative.

But others are doing what they can to help those who need masks the most.

“I had a friend whose mother was one of the Rosie the Riveters,” explained Jennifer Raben, owner of Custom Sewing Services in Evansville. “And when she found out we were doing this, she said, ‘Oh, my God. That’s your war effort.'”

But for Jennifer Raben and Laura Schrader, this battle is fought with the flash of scissors and the punch of a needle.

“It feels really good that we can do something for the community that is needed,” Jennifer added.

“Since we saw that need-we thought–how can we not help, having a sewing shop?” asked Laura Schrader, the store’s manager.

A mother daughter team–and their employees–turning their local sewing shop into an assembly line for the front lines.

Using their tools of the trade to make masks, and help keep COVID-19 at bay.

“We’ve donated some to the local hospitals. We’ve also donated to a few nursing homes and other companies that service the elderly,” Laura listed.

Working to protect the most vulnerable–not just healthcare workers, but seniors.

“It’s really important to protect our seniors,” said Brian Ball, RN, who serves as Director of Nursing for Pine Haven Health and Rehabilitation. “Their ability to contract different diseases. Different infections. It’s a lot harder for the body to process it and basically move it out.”

A brightly colored defense, against an invisible and deadly enemy.

“This is our job. This is the challenge of this generation. We are going to rise to it, and we are going to have to encourage everyone else to do it along the way,” compelled Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear.

It’s their answer to the call of Tri-State leaders–no matter where they may be.

“We’ve made close to–after today it’ll be about 300,” Laura said of their mask-making numbers.

With no intent to stop, so long as they can continue to get their battle gear.

“We are making as many as we can, as long as we have the elastic,” she laughed.

And joining a long line of women doing their part at home.

So that those in the trenches can do theirs.



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