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The Thawing Process Has Begun for the Tri-State

The past few days has been one for the record books for the Tri-State. Our most recent cold front brought dynamic changes across the area. Monday’s winter storm gave us our first round of measurable snowfall for the season. In Evansville, we recorded an inch of snow, the town of Mount Carmel was one of the snowiest with a snowfall total of 3 inches. After the snow moved out, the region was left with bone-chilling temperatures. Wednesday morning was the coldest with a morning low temperature of only 9 degrees, shattering the old record of 14 degrees set back in 1986.

After spending a few days in the deep freezer warmer temperatures are on the horizon. By, Wednesday afternoon the mercury will finally rise above freezing (32 degrees). Warmer temperatures plus the abundance of sunshine will help speed up the melting process of untreated roadways and shaded surfaces. However, any kind of melting will have the chance to re-freeze after sunset as we will continues to have sub-freezing temperatures during the overnight hours. Any kind of traveling at night should be taken with caution with the possibility of black-ice patches on the streets.

We warm up slightly for Wednesday and Thursday. A second cold front will slide through the Tri-State by late-morning on Thursday. No precipitation will develop along the front. The most significant changes will be with the wind direction switching from the south to the north, and a slight pause with the warming trend. By Friday afternoon, many locations will struggle to make it into the lower-40s.

By the weekend, temperatures will slowly be on the rebound back into the mid-to-upper 40s. Most importantly, the sun will continue to shine as well enter into an extended period of dry weather. Conditions will remain rather uneventful by the beginning of next week as remain 10-12 degrees below our seasonal norms.



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